Win a Mastery of Joy Immersion Package, value $1200, plus free attendance for my fall retreat

Win a Mastery of Joy Package

Win a Mastery of Joy Immersion Package,
value $1200, plus free attendance for my fall
, value $ 647, a gift for yourself or give
this priceless gift to a friend or family member.

Total Value- $1,847

Testimonial Contest

If you’ve benefited from a workshop, program,
sample session, retreat, personalized meditation
or my Mastery of Joy Immersion packages
you’re eligible to enter.


Inspire others to say “yes” by writing
or recording a testimonial.

I’ll pick three of the best and draw a
winner from a hat.

Entries due by May 31st, drawing
takes place the first week of June.

It can be scary to step outside our comfort zone,
confusing to choose from all the possibilities & find
what really will be transformational, from what is just
hype, or a totally wrong fit.

Your testimonial will give others hope and show what is
possible, plus, give them information and a sense
if what I offer is a good fit for them.

Be the impetus for someone’s positive changes.
Imagine them getting relief from anxieties, depression,
illnesses, finally losing the weight, giving up a bad
habit or addiction, … being able to focus instead
on living the life they were meant to live:
on growing a business they love, writing the
book they always wanted to write, pursuing
their art, enjoying friends & family, exercising,
pursuing hobbies, goals, and dreams, living the life
they were meant to live; engaging, playful, and fun.

It is not uncommon for some folks to be skeptical of
hypnosis/guided meditation. Your testimonial can
help address their fears and demonstrate how
powerful and life-changing hypnosis with me
can be.

One of the biggest concerns is the myth they will be
giving over their power and free will.  Share how
you experienced the total opposite and how em-
powering it was as you lined up with your inner-
guidance and lived life how you truly wanted
to live it!

Want to enter but haven’t experienced a session?
Sign-up for a free no-obligation 
sample session by
clicking here.


To enter the contest write a testimonial. I’ll pick three
of the best testimonials & draw a name from a hat, to win
a month Mastery Of Joy Immersion Package. 
Value $1200,
plus free attendance at my 2018 Fall retreat, value, $ 647

To write or record a winning testimonial, share from the heart.Don’t
worry about sounding clever or smart. Don’t worry about grammar or
punctuation. Record by video or audio, professional quality is not
a requirement. Often are smartphones or other devices can
record decent quality videos and audios. There is no length
requirement, I’m just looking for testimonials that will
inspire others, allay their fears, and give a good sense to them
if what I offer is in harmony with what they want.


When writing it, think about where you started from,
and any fears you might have had, give examples on
how your worries were unfounded. Write or record
it and imagine you are talking to a friend and sharing
your experiences. Be truthful, don’t make anything up
to win the contest, but don’t worry if it sounds fantastical
and if other will believe you or not.

Maybe other programs have failed you, share how this
program was right for you and why? How was it different
and address what you were looking for.

Give specifics on the positive changes, spell it out for
others, someone may recognize themselves in your

Don’t be afraid to make it too long. I may only share bits
and pieces in my marketing.Include a picture if that feels
comfortable but that isn’t necessary.

1) Share the struggles or issues you started with. Give
    examples.Others want to know they’re not alone and there
    is help.
2) Share how the process brought insights, clarity, relief, 
    healing, new thought patterns and how your life is different
    because of it.Give examples.Imagine sharing with a friend
    who is looking for hope and answers.
3) Share how the investment of time and money was invaluable. 
    How did it pay you back? Why was it worth? It can be tough to
    figure out what truly will be a good investment and bless our
    lives from what will be a waste of money and just add debt.

If it was a sample session, or one of my free meditation gifts,
share the value you recieved. Give encouragement to others to
listen to their meditations (I offer lots of free meditations) or give
them the encouragement to gift themselves a sample session.

If you’ve already written a testimonial, be free to write another
one. The beauiful part of this work is that it is a gift that keeps
on giving. Share new layers of wisdom or insights and the positive
changes that have come from continuing to listen to the meditations
or the new transformations from taking the tools and knowledge
and applying it into your life.Ot share how doing another Mastery
of Joy package or program has blessed your life even more.

Testimonial picks from a prior drawing, along with the winner
that was drawn from a hat.

“I initially came to Sharon in 2009 to be less controlling and free
myself of expecting the worst. Both habits brought fears and
anxieties that shadowed and stopped me from appreciating
and enjoying my life.

Leaving behind fears and worries, especially about the future,
changed everything. I love how it all came full circle and other
parts of my life came together too.

Family relationships are better. Instead of feeling guilty, fearful
or critical, I can support and love them instead, with results of
feeling more peaceful and having healthier boundaries.

I can go places and feel comfortable with new people. Before I
started sessions and workshops I didn’t socialize. I felt socially
awkward. Now I am friendly and spontaneous, have more friends,
and feel more comfortable and free to do what makes me feel

I used to have an uncomfortable relationship with my body and
food. By letting go of the fears and judgments, I now do more to
take care of myself, like walks and working out at the gym and
eating in balance, plus I feel so much better about myself.

Now, I don’t take things so personally. For instance, when family
or anyone has strong opinions I don’t agree with, I can listen to
them without it affecting my life negatively. It is so freeing.

I don’t fixate and worry about others choices so much anymore.
And when I do, I use the tools I’ve learned in sessions and work-
shops to come back to a good feeling place.

Now when life happens, like unforeseen accidents or unexpected
events, instead of it throwing me into panic or a place of suffering,
I’ve proven I can be peaceful, really be supportive by imagining
good things, and just know when to step back, or move forward
with positive actions that feel right to me.

… Sharon teaches tools so you can stay on track.

Two of my favorites: “What If” tool- which I use to imagine good
things unfolding instead of expecting the worst to happen; and the
“… Appreciation” tool.- where instead of looking to negatively judge
I think about the good things in my life.

Hypnosis is one of my favorite parts, it is so relaxing and soothing,
and the positive suggestions just seep into your mind.

I think the support we give each other [in retreats & workshops]is
transformational. By sharing our stories and focusing together on
creating a feel-good life, …

Life can be so easy. Life is easy when you let go of the worry, fear
and judgments.

I’d like to tell everyone, sign-up for Sharon’s workshops or do her
immersion packages!

Life can be so different. It is so worth investing the time and money
on. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am.”

Donna Sevilla


“… Wow!!! The 3-month Immersion Package has been
phenomenal … 

Although I have almost completed my package with Sharon, I will
take this new information with me and use it for the rest of my life!

I have had many issues that Sharon helped me deal with; quitting 
smoking, losing weight, living in the “now” and not in the past
or future.

I am also cooking and baking again which I hadn’t done in two
doing this again has given me great pleasure and true joy. 

My relationships with family members have also improved …this
makes me feel very good …

It is good to be alive again and wake up with a smile on my face!

“Sharon was born to teach” and has been so supportive the entire
time during the immersion package.  Sharon’s teachings and
meditations are amazing, kind, thoughtful and loving; exactly
what is needed.

I am totally amazed, thankful, grateful and appreciate all that
has happened with me through Sharon’s Immersion Package!

I gave myself permission to heal my wounds from the past, and
now I am whole again and at peace with myself!

“Life is good!” 

Marie McLaughlin



Free Meditation-Stop Fooling Yourself, Live The Life You Want!

Happy Easter and April Fools

Instead of tricking you for April Fools, I’m gifting you a free meditation to stop tricking and fooling yourself and focus instead on the life you want to live.

Wishing you an engaging, healthy, joyful life!

Stop Fooling Yourself, Live The Life You Want. 20:23

We can get thrown off track from focusing on the life we want to live and distracted from attending to and improving our own lives.

Maybe you get caught up in others agendas whether it’s a spouse, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, boss, an organization and what they want you to do. 

Or you get distracted trying to fix and take care of others, neglecting yourself. 

Maybe you get distracted because you are soothing yourself from anxieties, worries or fears by mindlessly eating, drinking, drugs, social media, hours of TV. 

Or you get caught up in projects that keep you busy but don’t really feed your soul.
The distractions can stop you from attending to things that need your attention, improving your own life, or from doing things that make you feel alive and happy.

Over time it can become patterns of thought and habit and affect both your physical and mental health.

 Know from a place of letting go, relaxing, loving yourself, and giving to you, you’ll have more to give to others. 

As you attend to improving your own life and making it work better, life gets easier and flows better for you, allowing more energy and resources to support and uplift others. 

From a place of centeredness and peace inspired ideas come, you’re free of focusing on things outside your power and control or giving up your power and life to made-up imaginings of things going wrong. 

Wishing you an engaging, healthy, joyful life!

Stop Fooling Yourself, Live The Life You Want. 20:23

Want something that goes a bit deeper, listen to my Letting Go recording.

Let Go, Make Room For The Life You Want To Live. 44:41


Praise for Letting Go Meditation

“…This morning I listened to the
meditation… Powerful!!!!!

It took me everywhere.

Sacred thoughts about my
physical body.

Gentleness with how I choose
my thoughts. 

I felt uplifted after listening to it…

Very complete, it spoke deeply
to me.I felt fully engaged in
all you said

Joanne Sapers



– Imagine being free of fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, and
other illnesses or diseases that feel intractable or hopeless?

– How different would your life be, no longer held hostage to fear,
doubt, over-whelm, panic, anxiety, and guilt?

You are eligible to write a testimonial and enter the contest if:

*Experienced a free consultation

*You are doing or have done one of my Immersion Packages

*Attended a workshop or webinar

If you haven’t experienced a free session yet, there is still time
to sign-up for a no obligation free consultation and session
and write your testimonial to enter the contest.

Include your positive results like:

* Feeling more and more empowered
* No longer at the whimsy of others agendas and moods
* Developing new joyful thought patterns and replacing
the old negative ones
* Having healthier boundaries
* Making more positive choices
* Feeling lighter and more peaceful
* A softening or freedom of pain
* A healing or dramatic improvement with your health
* Experiencing unconditional joy more often
* Feeling more connected to your inner wisdom
* Feeling more alive
* Going after and accomplishing your goals
and dreams.

Don’t worry about sounding clever, just come from the heart.
Post here or email me at

Testimonials for Svenson Hypnosis

Can we release pain by shifting our thinking?

You can relax the body so completely it feels totally comfortable, think sleep, coma, anesthesia induced. Imagine learning to relax in your conscious awake state, and think how different life could be?

Watch the Ted Talks below to understand the science behind pain.

Lorimer Moseley shares the science behind pain and explains how it is our bodies’ way of protecting us from damaging tissues further. He also looks at what this might mean for those who suffer from chronic pain.

Schedule a free 60 minute consultation and session.

Experience how powerful, effective and healing this beautiful meditative state can be.

Free Sessions are limited each month.
New clients are taken on as as my schedule permits.

Shift your thinking and change your life.

Testimonial for Svenson Hypnosis:

“… My objective was to help relieve pain I was having in my spine. I started to see results after my first visit. As I continued the results grew stronger and stronger. The first thing I noted I was not thinking about the pain so much. These were the building blocks I needed to progress away from an ‘incurable illness’…” Dan Wilson

Win A Three Month Immersion Program

What can you expect to experience in an Immersion Program?

You will learn to: tap into the power of your mind, access
your inner guidance, and have extra-ordinary results in
mitigating or leaving behind illnesses, depressions, and
anxieties; plus, you will move towards or accomplish other
goals, like weight loss or the release of negative habits.

* Relax your mind, enjoy life, and get a good night’s sleep.
* Relax the body and find freedom from pain.
* Turn on and super charge your body’s healing powers.
* Let go of negative thought patterns and experience peace.…



Life Changing Retreat in Garden Valley, August 15th-18th

Hello Beautiful Souls,

My transformational retreat, in beautiful Garden Valley, is coming up August 15th-18th. Opening for one or two spots.To sign-up, call 208 462-5100

What can you expect? To:

*Achieve a new set point of well-being and joy.

*Release heavy baggage and limiting beliefs.

*Learn life changing transformational tools.

There will be lots of guided meditations, where you will be immersed, soaked and saturation in unconditional love. This is a beautiful higher state for releasing and letting go old patterns of limiting thought, and allow in a higher perspective and truth.

I’ll be led by you, by your issues, your concerns, your fears, your perceived problems. No area is off limits.


Guaranteed, you will experience more clarity, relief, joy, and peace. I feel so confident in the positive changes that will unfold, I offer a participate fully, and if you don’t have a life changing experience that takes you to a new set point of well-being, I’ll gladly refund your money.

Topics we might cover:

Loving ourselves
Inner Guidance

They’ll be the opportunity for: hiking, yoga, a fire performance, musical theatre production, or just soaking in the geothermal pool set in the mountains. 

Healing and Transformational Retreat in beautiful Garden Valley, ID

August 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th
Healing and Transformational Retreat


Life changing healing and transformational
workshops. Soak every day in a geothermal pool,
get in-house massages, take hikes in the
mountains, enjoy a musical theatre production
under the stars, and a poolside fire dancing

A journey to change your life and take you to a new
set point of living and alignment with your authentic
soul self.

Healing and Transformational Retreat