Grief and loss Healing meditation

Free Healing Meditation
Infused with the energy of unconditional love,
for healing, soothing, and relief
for those who have experienced a loved
one transition.

Hello Beautiful Soul,

The above recording is my gift to you designed to release the heavy and dense, and overwhelming emotions, like grief, sadness, anger, fear, and guilt, among others, and allow them be bathed and soothed by Infinite Unconditional Love. Those parts of you are looking for soothing, relief, reassurance,comfort, knowledge and understanding.

We don’t need to hide from, store, or be ashamed of our feelings. Nor do we need to be fearful of the (negative) emotions. We want to release them, not have them build-up and explode at later times. Let them come up and be bathed in the healing energies of peace and unconditional love. The more you listen, the more you will release, and the lighter you’ll feel.Listen again and again and again and again as needed.

Sending you love and light,


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