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Diabetes- Enjoy the Sweetness of Life. Give the message to your mind, that all is well, by letting go of feelings like regret and guilt, creating a more peaceful and conducive environment for your body’s own natural healing abilities to take place. If weight is a contributing factor combine with my Weight Loss series. Weight Loss 4 is highly recommended to pair with Diabetes.Hip Surgery Recovery-Support your journey back to recovery with suggestions to help stimulate your body’s healing abilities. Release worries and fears about the future and relax into a joyful open-minded state of expecting good things to come.28:50

Health & Well-Being 1 & 2 Support your Health by letting go of unnecessary tension, worry and stress. Relax into a comfortable state creating a conducive environment for healing and alignment. Filled with positive imagery and suggestions of healing. 43:04

Holiday Blues- Holiday Season can be a hectic time with added pressures, extra obligations, social events, and family get- togethers. Feelings of loneliness & lack can be magnified and take away our peace. It really can be a joyful journey. This CD is filled with positive suggestions to keep you on a peaceful track. 46:35 minutes

Inner Peace for Mom-It can feel overwhelming to raise kids. This recording is filled with suggestions to help you come back into your joy instead of operating from a place of frustration, panic or fear. From this peaceful state creative ideas flow, answers and solutions come, and you just plain enjoy life more.

Insomnia-Get a good night’s sleep. It is natural for us to get a good night’s sleep. When we focus on gratitude, appreciation, and feelings of well-being the mind and body relax. Bring yourself back to falling asleep quickly and waking up feeling refreshed and eager for life.47:58

Leaving Home- For young adults. It can be a scary time transitioning from living at home and going out into the world. This recording is filled with positive suggestions to bolster your confidence and feel at ease with the new challenges that you’ll meet along the way.31:58

Letting Go-Release the past. Release negative memories and experiences from the past so you can focus on the joy now.44:42

Miscarriage- Feeling healthy and peaceful. A miscarriage can trigger negative emotions like fear, sadness, lack and guilt. This recording is filled with suggestions of soothing and healing, to trigger feelings of peace instead. A peaceful state is a conducive environment for your body’s natural healing abilities to take place.40:38

Parent Support– for when your child leaves home. It can be an emotional time making the transition. It can be a time of grieving, sadness and fear. This is filled with suggestions to help you come back into feelings of well-being and peace.40:38

Pre-pave the way to Stop Smoking-Sometimes we are intellectually ready to give up an old habit but emotionally aren’t up to speed. Listen to this recording for a couple of months every day. It’s filled with suggestions to inspire a desire to move forward and embrace new healthy habits to meet your needs and bring you peace.43:25

Releasing Allergies-Relax into the knowledge that your body is designed to take care of you and filter out toxins and by-products it doesn’t want or need. Relinquish old patterns of thought and embrace new beliefs to support a comfortable and healthy body.34:22

Releasing Panic & Anxiety-The purpose of life is joy. This recording is filled with suggestions to let go of negative patterns of thought and redirect your mind to peaceful ones. From a place of relaxation we are more clear-minded, able to make better decisions and access our knowledge and wisdom within.30:20

Self-Esteem- Pre-teen girls and up. This recording is filled with suggestions to boost self-esteem and line your teenager up for well-being and success.53:17

Stop Smoking-We can release old habits and learn new ones. Our brains are wired for change. Come back into your natural state before cigarettes were ever a thought. This recording helps you: release negative beliefs and habits, and say ‘yes’ to thoughts and actions that lead you to a healthier and more satisfying life.38:10

Tinnitus– Enjoy the beauty of life and all its blessings by releasing and letting go of irritations and negative distractions. This recording is filled with suggestions to stimulate your body’s amazing ability to heal; and encourages you to hear from a perspective of love.28:10

Weight Loss 1- Release beliefs that sabotage your success, and love yourself along the way. Awaken your brain and body to work for you in achieving a slim, healthy and youthful body. This recording promotes a journey not of deprivation but of satisfaction and joy.41:00

Weight Loss 2- Builds from Weight Loss 1 by strengthening the positive suggestions to follow through with your intents, and line up with thoughts and actions that are loving to your body and mind.32:00

Weight Loss 3- Builds from Weight Loss 1&2 Move forward in life feeling lighter of spirit. This recording is filled with suggestions: for releasing any need for the extra weight, letting go of old baggage from your past, and imagining your body burning off the extra weight.31:00

Weight Loss 4-Builds from Weight Loss 1,2, & 3. Strengthening suggestions and taking it even further.33:54

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