Workshop for Pain Relief starting July 5th. First one free

Workshop for Pain Relief this Sunday @ PT180
5909 W. State St. 2-3:30 pm
Unlike any support group you’ve attended.
Marilyn Rich says she delivers on her promises
“It’s all true.”

Svenson Hypnosis

Learn techniques to Feel More Comfortable & Relieve Pain.
Try the first Workshops for Free, then just $15 per group.

*Walk away feeling lighter and more peaceful
*Release and Let Go
*Uncover hidden beliefs or blocks
*Unlike any support group you’ve attended
*Focuses on the positive
*Show cases a powerful technique to bring in mental and physical relief

90 minute Bi-Monthly Support Group for Pain Relief:
A nurturing environment for supporting yourself and each other in a positive way. Includes a 30 minute guided meditation session, and time learning and applying a self-hypnosis technique.

“… I talked to ‘my friend’ today. She said she has been pain free since her session-she is just thrilled-and, so am I! Just wanted you to know. (In a demonstration I gave of hypnosis at a group she was freed from Fibromyalgia, prior to that she’d been in extreme pain.)

Hi Sharon,
… Also had…

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