Workshop for Pain Relief tomorrow @ PT180 on State St. in Boise

Learn techniques to Feel More Comfortable & Relieve Pain. $15 per group.

PT180 5909 W. State St. 2-3:30 pm

*Walk away feeling lighter and more peaceful *Release and Let Go *Uncover hidden beliefs or blocks *Unlike any support group you’ve attended *Focuses on the positive *Show cases a powerful technique to bring in mental and physical relief

“… I talked to ‘my friend’ today. She said she has been pain free since her session-she is just thrilled-and, so am I! Just wanted you to know. (In a demonstration I gave of hypnosis at a group she was freed from Fibromyalgia, prior to that she’d been in extreme pain.) Hi Sharon, … Also had Physical Therapy this morning and my Physical Therapist says from last week to this week my body is 50% better. Last week it was 20% better and today 25%. Yeah! … Thanks for your time. “Boise Client 2012.

 “I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis about eight years ago and have been on many different medications over the years. I tried diets and herbs over the years as well as acupuncture. Nothing was giving me relief except the medication that left me with stomach problems and a drugged feeling. Hypnosis changed my life in a number of ways. My objective was to help relieve pain I was having in my spine. I started to see results after my first visit. As I continued the results grew stronger and stronger. The first thing I noted I was not thinking about the pain so much. These were the building blocks I needed to progress away from in ‘incurable illness’. Eventually I was able to quit taking most of the drugs we thought I had to take to control the disease, as well as quit the painkillers. Being off the medications is a huge leap forward, having energy is priceless. Now I am back to work for the first time in years doing what I thought I would never be able to do again. If you have a strong mind, use it!” Dan Wilson Idaho Client 2009

PT180 5909 W. State St. 2-3:30 pm

Call or Email to Sign-Up   208 462-5100

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