My sessions and workshops are about self-empowerment

My sessions and workshops are about self-empowerment and accessing your inner guidance and wisdom not mine.

Inner guidance doesn’t feel like stubbornness or resistance, it’s a feeling of relief, peace, softness, openness, and knowing.

You do have wisdom and knowledge within from your life experiences.

You’ve experienced things that worked and things that didn’t.

It can be confusing when we’re encouraged to look for answers outside ourselves and believe others know better for us.

A pivotal moment in my life was saying “ I’m willing to let go of what isn’t working for me.”

I admitted to myself stubbornness was holding me back and proofing out as pain and suffering in my life.

It was scary because the stubbornness felt solid and protective, and letting it go brought feelings of vulnerability and feelings of being unsafe and open for attack.

I filled the void and unsafe feelings with the desire and peaceful thought “ I really do want my life to work and I’m willing to do what I’ve proven works from my life experiences.”

I’m not interested in intellectually arguing with clients and proofing out my beliefs. Let’s just go right to your inner knowing.

In hypnosis I guide folks to a state of less resistance and ask them to sift through their life experiences and recognize what really has worked and served them.

In this more open and receptive state I ask folks to let go of beliefs that clearly aren’t serving them. Not because I say so but because your life experiences have proven it out.

Words don’t teach, life experience teaches.

May Special- Sign-Up for 10  Two- Hour Sessions for $800.00

208 462-5100

 To read about others self-empowering journey through sessions, go to:


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