February Specials:Love Yourself-It all begins with you!

February Specials:Love Yourself-It all begins with you!

The purpose of life is joy. And joy feels good.

Sadness isn’t joy. Anger isn’t joy. Frustration isn’t joy. Worry isn’t joy. Panic isn’t joy.

Joy is love. Joy feels playful, lighthearted, happy, and peaceful.

We often think emotions like worry, anger, sadness and frustration are dictated outside our selves; or that they’re needed to protect or motivate ourselves to make good decisions. But operating from this state of lack more often leads to procrastination, and clouded thinking.

From a state of feeling good, we’re clearer about what we want and how to get there;and we feel good along the way.   Excerpted from writings by Sharon Svenson

20 sessions for a reduced price-$70 per Session (Total package $1400)

10 sessions for a reduced price-$80 per Session (Total package $800.)

 208 462-5100

Invest In Yourself, Payback is Priceless!

Now Offering Sessions one day a week in Boise @ PT180 on Sundays

Phone and Garden Valley Session Monday-Friday

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