I made a hypnosis CD for myself with the desire to release allergies and asthma and get my health back.

As a young child I had asthma. During an attack, panicked, my mother would rub my back to calm me down until inhaler medication kicked in and I could breathe easily. Eventually asthma episodes were rare.

In High School my Grandfather and Aunt moved in, and my bedroom was relocated to our mold infested basement where allergies manifested and asthma attacks came back.

Over the years allergies and asthma came and went, until during my 40’s it was at its worst ever. Most of the year I was relying on over the counter medications and my inhaler to function.

I tried alternative answers other than drugs with limited success.

In 2005 I started training to be a hypnotist. It was life changing.

I made a hypnosis CD for myself with the desire to release allergies and asthma and get my health back.

After listening at least once or twice a day for three months, I was free from all symptoms. It was so incredibly sweet!

I had one episode about 4 years back when I got really sick after exposure to lots of allergens and it triggered an asthma attack. I got out my CD and listened to it for about a week. It’s 2015 and no asthma incidents since.

Off and on I’ll get allergy symptoms that crop up during times of stress but I know what to do to get back on track.

What was on the CD? It was about 40 minutes long filled with the main message that I was safe, that my body really could take care of me and filter out toxins, and that I could relax and breathe easy. It reminded me of different ways I could look at things so I felt supported and loved by others.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!

Get my: Release Allergies download or CD, and take your life back!



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