Health Fair tomorrow- May 3rd Crouch, Idaho

Svenson Hypnosis-Stop in at the Health Fair Tomorrow May 3rd, 10 am – 4 pm  Crouch, Idaho @ the Community Hall.  Experience hypnosis with a mini-hypnosis session. Ask questions and learn information about hypnosis, buy one of the Life Changing Hypnosis R $9.99 and sign-up for a special Introductory offer to Health Fair participants. Invest in yourself, payback is priceless!

Hypnosis Life Changing CD’s:
Weight Loss 1, 2, 3, & 4
Holiday Blues (Reclaim Your Joy.)
Releasing Panic & Anxiety
Letting Go-Release the past
Pre-pave the way to Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking
Insomnia (Get a good night’s sleep.)
Releasing Illness and discomfort
Releasing Allergies
Supporting Your Back
Hip Surgery Recovery
Parent Support
Inner Peace for Mom
Self-Esteem (Pre-teen girls and up.)
Loving Yourself
Leaving Home (Child off to college leaving the nest.)

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